Residential Strip Outs and Small Demolition 


When you are renovating a room or office, you need assistance with removing all the non-essential items to dispose of or discard them in an eco-friendly way. We Load & Go provide efficient strip outs services. We make the entire process of removing to sweeping and washing the floor a smooth and successful one.

Furthermore, We Load & Go have a good track record of providing reliable strip out services of all sizes, within budget and on time with 100% guarantee and competitive price. We cater to the residential and commercial sectors. 

Furthermore, we like to develop a strong and close relationship with our valuable clients. The purpose of working closely with them is to understand the needs and scope of the work. No matter what your requirements are, we endeavor to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for your project. Our top priority is to manage and execute the work that strictly adheres to the highest health and safety standards.

Reliable and Proficient Office Strip Outs:

We assist anyone with a full strip out who is moving or renovating an office space. Whether you have to take down a single wall or clear an entire office, we guarantee a reliable service provided by a team of experts. We can renew any area and prepare it for the next project. Our team will effectively clear and clean the space that satisfies all the needs of the clients.

Our comprehensive office strip outs include:

1. Furniture removal

2. Work stations and dividers

3. Removal of floors

4. Wall removal

5. Removal of kitchenettes and kitchen fixtures

6. Bathroom strip outs

7. Ceiling removal

8. Glass Removal

9. Power removal

10. Telecommunications removal

Kitchen And Bathroom:

Before the commencement of the renovation project, the kitchen and bathroom require a professional strip out. This includes removing all of the unwanted fixtures and appliances quickly, so the contractors can start with their work when they arrive. The strip out process can be challenging especially in those buildings that have old plumbing systems, and for this, you need a professional team to handle the job.
Our comprehensive kitchen and bathroom strip out include:

1) Removal of cupboards and benchtops

2) Removal of tiles

3) Appliances removal

4) Fixtures and fittings removal

5) Cap off water

6) Wall removal

7) Shower screen removal

Please get in touch with us and discuss your requirements.