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As a partner of Planet Ark, we take Recycling very seriously and always strive to recycle every material that we pick up from site. The following are materials we currently recycle through out partnership programs.


The slogan, ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ is a piece of great advice to follow if you wish for better waste management. No matter what industry you are in, you can always use this slogan to guide your waste management effort. As a professional waste removal service provider, We Load and Go offers comprehensive recycling services to make sure you have a good waste management process in place. If you have trouble with recycling and waste management, we can help you solve it easily.

We have partnered with Planet Ark, and recycling is very much the core of our removal services. No matter what material we pick up from your site, we always strive to recycle them. As a result, we can recycle the following materials through our partnership programs with Planet Ark:

  • Timber – recycled timber is a great choice for products such as furniture, paper pulp, animal bedding, mulch, particleboard, compost, and more.

  • Batteries – perhaps very few people are aware that almost every material inside a battery can be reused to create new batteries

  • Metals – metals can be repurposed into various items such as vehicles, appliances, industrial containers, ductwork, and plumbing. Steel and aluminium are commonly used in new food packaging

  • Bricks & Concrete – recycled bricks and concrete recycling is a good way to build road bases, paths, backfill, drainage, and masonry materials. They are also used to make new concrete products

  • Plastics – plastic recycling helps to recycle hard plastic items into new products that are used in industries such as tiles, benches, outdoor furniture, bins, playground equipment, and plastic timber. We also offer soft plastic recycling services.

  • Green Waste – green waste recycling can be a great source of organic fertilisers, mulch, potting mix, playground cover, and more

  • Cardboard & Paper – many cardboard and paper products are already made of recycled materials and can be further recycled to create new products. Our cardboard recycling collection services can help you recycle them.

  • Car Tyres – these are quite versatile and can be used to create tire-derived fuel, rubber mulch, rubber powder, and creative landscaping/construction projects

Why hire us? 

If you are tired of searching for concrete recycling near me every time you want to recycle something, you should hire us. Whether you need recycled timber Melbourne, or recycled bricks Melbourne, you ensure you get the best services possible. Furthermore, we offer:

  • Affordable recycling solutions

  • Savings in terms of money, effort, and time

  • Eco-friendly recycling that saves raw material costs

  • On-site waste reduction 

  • Best services, latest technology, and equipment 

  • Stress-free recycling and waste services

In short, our prices are affordable, despite being one of the best plastic recycling companies in Melbourne. Our comprehensive services make sure that you don’t have to search for different service providers for waste removal and recycling needs.

Need answers?

Are you still awaiting the answer to your queries such as timber recycling near me and plastic recycling near me? Not sure about hard plastic recycling or how we can help you with recycled plastic products? Are you still waiting for a reliable service provider for paper recycling services, concrete debris recycling, and green recycling waste management? If so, feel free to contact us on 0467 660 980. Our friendly customer care staff will provide a solution for all your commercial recycling services and recycle waste services needs.




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