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When your business moves into a new space you typically make changes to the commercial property to suit the needs of your business.

However, when you are looking to move property or leave the premise, you are generally obliged to return the premise to its original state.


At We Load and Go, we make leaving your commercial property and defit hassle-free. 


Make Good Guarantee

Your lease is up and you have been handed a scope of works to make good your tenancy so you can get your bond back. We Load and Go can arrange everything for you.


We cover all size jobs, from small offices and restaurants to large commercial and retail tenancies and hotels.

Its hard to know where to start when you are vacating a tenancy, We Load and go will handle the whole process for you from start to finish. We take a stressful situation and make it an easy transition for you. We also try and help you were we can with giving advice on getting rid of fixtures and fittings that we think you may be able to salvage.

Getting Started

We provide a no obligation on site assessment of your current tenancy so that we can provide you with valuable information about the make good process as well as a detailed quote which covers all the requirements of your landlord’s scope of works.

Upon acceptance of our quote, our Site Manager will oversee the entire process providing you with daily updates and peace of mind the job is being done in a timely and efficient manner. When the When you vacate a tenancy you are generally required to “make good” and return you tenancy back to its original state.

Your landlord will issue you with a “Scope of Works” detailing the requirements of your make good shop strip out.

Upon appointing We Load and Go as your contractor we will contact your landlord and facilitate the entire process.

Some of the Clients We Serve Include:


Retail Stores


Commercial Properties





How We Can Help

Strip-out Joinery and Bulkheads

Bulkheads are sometimes added to a ceiling cavity for design purposes, are will often need to be removed at the end of a lease.  It is also common that joinery pieces have been added to the internal build during the lease period, which we can also strip and remove for you at the end of the lease.

Uplift and removal of floor coverings

In the event that any rug or vinyl has been laid in your premises, it should be taken out as a feature of the office, this additionally involves cleaning off of any pastes/cements that were applied when the floor coverings were laid.

Dismantle any fixtures and fittings

Any fixtures or fittings that have been attached to your premises will be taken out as part of our de-fit works. 'We Load n Go' will fix any openings in the divider and paint to guarantee a consistent coat and restoration back to the spaces original condition.

Remove walls, partions, doors and windows

Any entryways, windows and office segments that have been added to your commercial work space can be removed with the windows and walls patched and plastered to restore back to original.

Removal, decommission and light fittings

During a fitout lights may have been reconfigured to suit the space with extra rooms/dividers and so on, toward the end of a lease these light fittings might be needed to be reconfigured again to suit an 'open arrangement' format.

Repair walls, plaster and touch-up paints

With the constant everyday use of your space, it is entirely expected to discover scrapes, marks or different kinds of harm on dividers during your occupation. We will remove any areas that show damage and will fix, plaster and do a final coat of paint to ensure it looks new.

Removal of decals, frosting and signage

Glass frosting or window decals applied to the base structure (for example storefront windows) should be removed. 'We Load n Go' can guarantee the decals are taken off cautiously and the surface is left spotless and clear.

Repaint walls and ceilings

In the event that any of your dividers during fitout were painted, the landowner may demand that dividers are restored back to the first colour or painted a standard colour. 'We Load n Go' can match the colour and repaint any dividers and roofs, as needed.

Decommission Services

Cooling & heating systems may have been reconfigured during the fitout to suit the requirements of the current tennants. When a lease is over, there is often a need to decommission these systems and then reconfigure back to the default settings, or for an open plan layout.

Final Clean and Rubbish Removal

Future Fitouts will remove all rubbish and debris as part of the make good / defits and will ensure a final clean is carried out – meeting all lease obligations and presentable for the final inspection.

Job is completed we will facilitate handover to your landlord and confirm with you that the job has been completed successfully.

We do the job efficiently and effectively and not over priced as we know the last thing you want to be doing when closing a tenancy is spending money that you don’t have.


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